About Us

About Us

We Are A Leading World Class VDC Service Provider

At Ontic we deliver innovative technical solutions that integrate technology, expertise, and collaboration.

Our solutions involves leveraging BIM methodologies, clash detection, 4D simulations, energy analysis, and more to optimize project outcomes. By offering seamless coordination, visualization, and efficient workflows, we enhance project efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction.

Building Confidence

We use cutting-edge tech to craft solid, reliable structures. Count on us for confidence in building excellence.

Cement Legacies

Join us today while we set the foundation for tomorrow. We build a Lasting Impression in every Structure.

Economic Assurance

Build Financial Confidence. Navigate success with Precision and Certainty.


Deliverable in 2023


Collaegues & Counting


Successfully Project


Year of experience

The Team

Our Experts

Mike Rich

Lead Architect

Jenny Smith

Head Engineer (US)

George Doe

Head Engineer (CN)

Maria Jay

Head Engineer (AU)


Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe

Dedication to well-being through smart building solutions. Prioritizing safety for a secure future.

We Follow Best Practices

Commitment to excellence in every Step. Elevating standards for exceptional building solutions.

Trust and Worth

Our Clients